Getting to Know Trish

Trish educates and empowers women who are stressed out, mentally exhausted and overwhelmed to take back control of their mental health, reclaim their joy, and THRIVE through food, dance, and self-care.

Hello, Beautiful Soul

I'm so grateful you have found me and that I have the opportunity to share who I am with you.

My name is Trish and I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a woman, a spiritual soul doing my best to live this human experience to its fullest. I love food, music, dancing, singing, being in nature and connecting with people, especially other women, to create safe and sacred spaces for healing. 

I am a holistic practitioner and guide for women seeking mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 

Trish Hasou - Thrive with Trish


My mission is to bring women back to themselves, to help them connect with their true essence through holistic lifestyle practices and heartwork.  

I make the choice to wake up every morning with love and gratitude in my heart. That is the simplicity of life that keeps me grounded, connected and centered.  I do my best every day to take care of myself first and then to be in service to my community, be a vessel and a channel to bring whatever is needed to each day for the highest good of all.

I love you.

I am who I am. I live my truth. I am real, raw, authentic and vulnerable.

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The Thrive Method

A 12 week program to help empower stressed out women who feel burnt out & overwhelmed to take back control of their mental health, reclaim their joy, feel energized, find inner peace and THRIVE through food, dance, and self-care.

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Retreats and Workshops

Come together in community with other heart-centered women for rest, reflection and support. Retreats and workshops are a sacred space for women to feel completely safe to be able to express their true authentic selves.

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Thriving Dance Surrender

Thriving Dance is freeform movement to help release tension & stress in the body and encourages self-expression and play. Dance empowers people of all shapes, backgrounds, and sizes to move freely and intuitively.

The Thrive Method

I remember thinking, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!"

For years I struggled through life, with chronic stress, burnt out, and mental and physical exhaustion. In 2011, after a diagnosis of depression, I made the decision to take my power back and heal my mind and body through holistic practices.  As I began to implement these lifestyle changes I saw so many positive results not only in myself but also in my family. 

This fueled my spirit to become a holistic nutritionist. I learned the importance of nutrition, holistic living, healing and wellness.  As I was learning, regaining my health and beginning to THRIVE again, I knew I had to help other women how to do the same. Now, I coach women to to empower themselves to take back control of their life and health. 

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Thriving Client Love

My mindset has really shifted, my energy is fantastic and I broke through mental, physical and spiritual barriers. She is a very caring, loving and authentic person who only wants the absolute best for her clients.

Sherry C. 

"Thank you for hosting Thriving Dance Surrender - I felt so calm and happy. I felt a burst of happiness in my heart and I couldn't stop smiling

"Trish helped bring me back to life! With Trish's support I freed myself of the negative association to eating and my body. I eat consciously now and nourish my body everyday. I am forever grateful for the impact Trish has had on my life."

Heather D. 

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