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Thrive with Trish is about educating and empowering women to take control of their lives and thrive through nutrition, dance, and self-love. Healing is non-linear, it does not take one path. Are you ready to bring everything into balance and live a holistic lifestyle? 

Services & Offerings

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The Thrive Method Program

My Signature Program! This 12-week online signature program is designed to educate and empower women who are stressed, burnt out and mentally exhausted take back control of their mental health, reclaim their joy, feel more energized and shift into a healthier lifestyle and mindset. This program highlights proven strategies and solutions to help heal the mind and body so you can THRIVE!

Mind-Body Healing Program

Personalized and customized 6 month program tailored perfectly for your needs in a holisitic way. Work directly with Trish to deepen your healing through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle support! 

*This program is only available for women who have completed The Thrive Method Online Program

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Thriving Dance Surrender

Thriving Dance is freeform movement to help release tensions and stress held in the body and encourages self-expression, freedom and play. 

Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, backgrounds, and sizes to move freely and intuitively in a safe, non-judgmental container of exploration with community! 

Retreats & Workshops

Come together in community with other heart-centered women to rest, reflect and support one another. Retreats and workshops are always a sacred space of non-judgement for women to feel completely safe to be able to express their true authentic selves. 

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Hi Beautiful! I'm Trish!

I am so grateful that you have found me! I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a woman and a spiritual soul doing my best to live this human experience to its fullest.

I love food, music, dancing, singing and being in nature. But what my makes my soul thrive? Connecting with other women to create safe and sacred spaces for healing in a holistic way.

As a holistic practitioner and guide for women seeking mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing - my mission is to bring women back to themselves and help them connect with their true selves through holistic lifestyle practices and heart work.



Thriving Client Love

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