Retreats and Workshops

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Each time women gather in circles together, the world heals a little more"

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

The Red Tent Women's Circle Gathering at Yoga Loft Vaughan

Red Tent New Moon Women's Circle

Guided by Trish and Ladan

The Red Tent is a timeless tradition that has been observed by ancient cultures which serves as a safe space to empower women's sense of self. It is a gathering of women at the New Moon when women and girls are most in need of rest, reflection and support.

This gathering is a sacred space of non-judgement for women to feel completely safe and express their true, authentic selves.

Come join us as you are. You are enough. As women, we are the spirit of the world and we need to have our spirits lifted by one another. Our Red Tent Gatherings are so women can be alone together to listen and to hear one another.

Your life, your story, your dreams, are important. What you hold in your heart & soul is treasured and cherished. We know you are tired. Come and be seen, heard, held & loved.

These monthly gatherings will be offered at an exchange of $50.00

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Awakening Souls Women's Retreat

Now more than ever is the time to come together in community with other heart-centered women. Trish and Ladan welcome you to a day of nourishing your body, mind and spirit through deep connections, movement, stillness, nature and nutrition.

Retreat Includes

  • Intuitive Movement & Goddess Flow Yoga
  • Nutrition Talk on Mindful Eating
  • Nourishing and Healthy Lunch
  • Mindfulness Walk and Meditation
  • Ecstatic Dance and Joyful Movement
  • Support, Sisterhood and Community

Join us for a full day retreat to revive your spirit and reconnect with your soul as you take in the healing power of nature.

This monthly retreat is offered at an exchange of $150. 

LOCATION: Sherwood Farms, King City, Ontario, Canada

Next Retreat - April 18th, 2021


Your Retreat Facilitators

Trish Carriera
Trish Carriera

Holistic Health Practitioner, Gut-Brain Specialist, Ecstatic Dance Teacher, RHN, MNLP, MTLT

Ladan Paolini
Ladan Paolini

Founder of Body to Bliss Yoga, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Transformational Coach

More About Trish

I am so grateful that you have found me! I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a woman and a spiritual soul doing my best to live this human experience to its fullest.

I love food, music, dancing, singing and being in nature. But what my makes my soul thrive? Connecting with other women to create safe and sacred spaces for healing in a holistic way.

As a holistic practitioner and guide for women seeking mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing - my mission is to bring women back to themselves and help them connect with their true selves through holistic lifestyle practices and heart work.



Trish Hasou - Thrive with Trish

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